Physical Education

Physical education is an integral part of Villa Maria's total approach to education, designed to enhance fitness, improve skill development in both fine and gross motor skills, and promote good sportsmanship through team games and activities.

Beginning in kindergarten and continuing through junior high school, students develop basic motor skills, such as kicking, catching, throwing, shooting, and hitting, and apply these skills to drills and games. These skills are also reinforced through daily recess and after-school sports activities.

Health and Wellness Programs

The Villa Maria health and wellness curriculum helps students to understand the importance of good health and to develop the skills necessary to live a healthy and active life. During the school year, students participate in a wide variety of health programs—focusing on nutrition, the food pyramid and healthy eating, the importance of exercise and its role in maintaining good health, protection from the sun, personal responsibility, hygiene, disease prevention, environmental safety, respect for self and others, and making positive choices.

Interscholastic, Intramural, and Elective Athletics

The physical education and Athletic program at Villa features a wide range of individual and group sports intended to foster personal health and team spirit. Cross Country for boys and girls, basketball for boys and girls, and other coed sports feature in the interscholastic category, while yoga, cross-fit, soccer, and other individual sports feature in the intramural and elective sports. The students love to wear blue and white and compete for their school. Go Team Villa!

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"Our son is active, and at Villa Maria School he has outlets for that energy." Father of a 6th grader.