“We are not sure how to thank you for what has been a wonderful year for Tamir and our family. Villa Maria is a very special place and we are thrilled to have found it and to have been welcomed so openly. Tamir has grown and learned so much and we are grateful. When we are with family and friends they can’t believe the changes in Tamir.” 

Margot G., Parent

 “Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to Marc. This year was clearly his best ever. He blossomed and matured so much, academically and socially. He was always excited to go to school, eagerly came home to complete his homework and constantly remarked on how much he loved school and his teachers…I honestly don’t know where we would be with him right now if it wasn’t for Villa Maria and the warm, nurturing and dedicated staff and faculty. ” 

Deborah D., Parent

 “Noelle came to Villa feeling sad and defeated. Two years later she is walking out with her head held high being that confident, intelligent, happy, bright, creative young lady that was waiting to come out! She has grown tremendously at Villa Maria and we will be forever grateful!” 

 Diane P., Parent 

 “I’d like to thank you for everything you have done for me. I remember coming to school barely able to write a sentence, and now I’m leaving this school writing 5 page essays. I could read some; I knew the topic but didn’t understand them. The Villa teachers helped me understand and perfected it. I now can do math that I probably would have never perfected until 8th grade. I can express my ideas clearly and in front of my peers and adults. I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without Villa.” 

 Ethan B., Student, 6th Grade 

 “It is with great pride and joy that I let you know that Steven has been accepted to Clark University, in Worcester, MA. Steven has proven over and over again that he will succeed. He will be graduating this June from Stamford High School with a GPA in excess of 3.5. I still believe that all of his accomplishments were achieved due to the education, remediation and support that he received while he was a student at Villa Maria. We can never thank you and all those who touched Steven's life while he was a student at Villa Maria.” 

Lori R. - Parent

 “In kindergarten my son was in a classroom with 23 other children and a shared aide. No one had the time or ability to focus on his strengths. They just focused on his weaknesses. He hid when it was time to go to school. As a teacher I couldn’t bear watching how he hated school. It broke our hearts watching him be so unhappy. We looked at a lot of schools. But those two days he spent at Villa Maria were the happiest he’d been in a long time. He likes to learn; he just wasn’t learning the way he was being taught. Because of the student -teacher ratio at Villa Maria, they can give him the individual attention; they can focus on his strengths; and help him develop coping mechanisms. 

 We live in Westchester, so to have him go to Villa Maria I am in the car three hours a day. But it’s worth it, because he’s making progress and he’s so happy. There’s no other place like Villa --the ratio, the supported environment--that’s why so many people drive so far to come here. It’s an amazing place. My son is so proud and happy to be here he wears his Villa Maria uniform to church on the weekends!” 

Gail Hanssen- Parent

 “When you realize your child needs help, you wonder if anyone can help--if there’s any hope. The worst thing for a parent is knowing your child needs help and you don’t know how to help him. I will never forget our first visit to Villa Maria. First of all, they have a welcome sign when a student visits, and I can’t tell you what that small gesture of seeing a welcome sign with your name on it means. He immediately felt important. 

 It was such a relief to find a school that has teachers who knew how to teach my child. They not only understand how to teach each child, they do it. There’s a lot of one-to-one work that goes on and there’s an intensity to the work they do here that’s very unique.” 

Victoria Jordan - Parent

What is most gratifying as a parent is to know that we made the right decision in choosing Villa Maria when we did. The three years our daughter spent there was well worthwhile. She needed the small group structure with attention to organization and discipline. The learning techniques to cope with new situations proved invaluable. The intense reading and writing experience under professional supervision has put her well ahead of her classmates with similar learning difficulties. But most of all I think it is the organizational skills she learned which allowed her to excel in relation to her peers. She has fond memories of Villa Maria and we, as her parents are grateful for all you have done.


 As a program manager, I have had the opportunity to travel throughout the state of Connecticut and visit many public and private schools. In all of my travels I have never been more impressed with a school than I was during my visit to Villa Maria. It is a marvelous place which appears to be a school of joy, where people teach and learn in a community that is sensitive to the unique potential of each student. 

 Thank you for allowing me to attend your Open House yesterday. I was greatly impressed by your facility and the description of your program. Your talk was interesting, informative and one could sense the nurturing environment. As you know, one of our students is an applicant for admission to Villa Maria. When you described the many different types of learning disabilities yesterday, I felt pangs because he is struggling with so many of them. Our middle school with its relatively fast paced, group instructional model can no longer meet his needs. I think he might thrive in a smaller, less competitive, more nurturing school such as yours. 

 Thank you for inviting me to your Open House last Monday. I came away from that visit very impressed with your school, the faculty, the students and the tone of your institution. What a wonderful place to be a student or a teacher. 

 Revisiting Villa Maria on Tuesday evening was an interesting experience for me. It reminded me of all the uncertainties experienced by parents about the future of their LD or ADD child. It also reminded me of what a special place Villa Maria is. If only every child with special needs could benefit from all that you have to offer spiritually, academically, and physically. 

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