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Discovering A Treasure – May and June 2020

Entering Villa Maria School as its Interim Head last August, I knew I was in for an adventure and a time of discovery. The school was fairly empty of people though I was welcomed immediately by the administrators and the administrative support staff who had been...

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Where Are The Teachers … Where Are The Children? – April 2020

Though I’m working remotely most of the time now, when I go into school to drop off or pick up the mail or other things I need, I can’t help but walk through the halls. It is so quiet and empty … so joyless. The bubble of children, the enthusiasm and laughter of our...

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Parenting Grows Ever More Challenging – January 2020

PARENTING GROWS EVER MORE CHALLENGING! As I watched my own grown children interacting with their children (my grandchildren) over the holiday break, I was struck by the newest challenges coming their way … that of monitoring and controlling the amount of screen time...

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It’s Holiday Time – December 2019

It’s Holiday Time … Be Prepared to Support Your Child. The excitement of holiday time is upon us, and whether you celebrate Chanukah, Christmas, or Kwanza, there will be some difficult moments ahead. Often holidays just don’t turn out to be the perfect ones we see on...

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Understanding the Adolescent Brain – November 2019

I recently attended a conference given by an organization called Learning & the Brain. These conferences are given in order to bring educators, researchers and medical doctors together to learn more about research on the brain and its relevance to those involved in...

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Fridays are Special at Villa Maria – October 2019

There was electricity in the room during our morning meeting one Friday, three weeks ago. Usually the children are quiet and still waking up when we begin our days together. Feeling the excitement, I asked them was something different or special about Friday, assuming...

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A New School Year Begins – September 2019

One of the special things about being an educator or a student is that every year, we have the opportunity to start anew. What other occupation has this advantage? Everyone returns rested, excited and perhaps a little anxious as a new school year begins. And so it has...

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